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10 thru 16 week triathlon training programs for Sprint, Olympic, Half IM, Ironman and Duathlon distances as well as a 16 week Prep and Base Phase training program. Just $5 per week. Available at www.trainingpeaks.com/whp

"Wes, another successful season in the books thanks to your Tri training plans. First time in 6 years of racing - four 30-34 age group podiums (out of 5 races) and 4 minutes subtracted from my PR on 1/3 less training . . . KUDOS to your system!"


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Great Gift Item

Workouts in a Binder®
for Indoor Cycling

Workouts in a Binder® for Indoor Cycling is here to rescue your indoor rides. Choose from 60 workouts. Each one tackles a different objective with enough variety to keep your indoor sessions fun and productive.

New Triathlon training plans designed for indoor cycling

Indoor Cycling Triathlon Plans


Science of Triathlon -Lecture Series

2-DISC SET: Over 9 Hours of comprehensive triathlon training.

FEATURING: Joe Friel, Wes Hobson, Bruce Gottlieb

Triathlon is a very complex sport, but it is one that you can improve in if you understand the basic scientific principles of training and methods and techniques used by elite athletes. Now, for the first time, you can benefit from this wealth of knowledge previously only available at exclusive camps and clinics...all within the comfort of your own home.

Science of Triathlon, spanning over 9 comprehensive hours, will serve as a pragmatic tool whatever your age or ability. You will not only learn to improve your techniques in swimming, biking and running, but more importantly gain a better understanding of the dynamics of the sport of triathlon and how to best fit it into your busy lifestyle.

Topics include:
* Periodization
* Goal Setting / Time Management
* Visualization / Mental Preparation
* Planning your Training Week
* Nutrition
* Transitions
* DRILLS: Running, Swimming, Biking

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