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Swim Tips

Swim Segment, Where To Start?

Wetsuits - The Long and The Short Of It!

Swimming Quick Tip

Swim and Drills 101

Open Water Swimming

Sample Swim Workouts

Quick Guide to Fitting a Wetsuit

Bike Tips

A Favorite Ride and Why

A Crash

Bike Cornering

The Wrath of Bambi

Riding With Roadies

Run Tips

Night Running

Improve Your Running Form

Track Workouts - How Hard?

Sprucing Up the Long Run

Mental Determination

Mental Tips

Mental Toughness - Visualization

Dream Miles

Just Do It


Enhance your Talent... Mental Talent

Having a Bad Day - Turn It Around

The Power of "Why"

Setting Goals

Positive Thoughts

Goal Setting: The Beginning of the Foundation

Nutrition Tips

Preserving Your Weight Through the Holidays

Eating Right - Hobson's Simple Philosophy

The Advantages of Tea

Racing: What to Eat?

Sodium, The Missing Link?

Top Foods For Reducing Exercise Induced Free Radicals

Eat More Often

Too Much Hydration?

Ironman Race Nutrition

Other Tips

Winter Triathlon Training

Train the Way You Race

Transitions - The "Fourth" Sport

Triathlon Transition and Racing Checklist

7 Mistakes Triathletes Make

Massage - The Benefits

A Bet...

Tapering - Your "A" Race

Chronic Fatigue

Airline Flying

Less Colds Following Warm-Ups

Heart Rate Comparisons

Acupuncture - What is it good for & how can it heal an injury?


Wes Stories

Train Like My Dog....Doccer

A Chilean Race Review

Mt. Taylor Quadrathlon

Rev It Up, The 1996 Season Begins!

Why the Aussies Are So Good

Jimmy's Jeep (a classic)

Typical Training Day

Why Train?

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